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Leon Sidewinder on Monday, January 30, 2006
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If this is some pseudo-clever way of letting it be known that there will be no more blogging on the part of Seb, I am truly, truly pained.
Furthermore, I feel as though it is time you know that no blog means no Seb fan club.
Christine, where's my parade already? This fan club has been going on for years now and i'm still waiting for a parade. You know, ticker-tape and santa claus and all that jazz.
I feel it necessary to inform poor you, that every Sunday for the past 2-some years since you felt the need to abandon Dorval, there has been a parade in your honour.
I dress up in complete band garb, including the tassle hat, and march up and down dorval avenue, hoping to spot you as I bang together my giant symbols.
More than anything I am the one who should be hurting, putting myself out there every week just to feel the bitter sting of rejection on my band uniformed back.
Thank you for teaching me that hope in your idols is faulty.
One more step towards a lonely life, and its all because of Sebastian Burton.
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